12 Days Self-Care – Learn to nurture yourself before Christmas

Self-care before the holidays is the best opportunity to give yourself a mental reboot before Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it!
The tree and its decorations, the snow and the big scarves, the Glüewein at the Christmas market and the long dinners and lunches altogether. However, since I am a mother, who lives in a foreign country, I go into over-serving mode right before the holidays. I put everyone else before my needs and generally end up with the flu, precisely on the 24th of December.
If this sounds familiar to you too, I have put together my 12 Days Self-Care, a Learn to nurture yourself Guide before Christmas.

Strangely enough, self-care sometimes doesn’t come naturally.
The thing is: I always wished for a Christmas filled with joy and in the company of the people I love. I am sure like everybody else.
For us, because we live abroad, Christmas has always also been a bit stressful: the travel, the accommodation, all the visits to relatives and friends.
Added to this, there are all other pre-Christmas activities, common to all people.

Ready to list?

  • run errands;
  • shop for Christmas dinner and lunch;
  • bake cookies;
  • shop for gifts;
  • wrap gifts;
  • attend parties;
  • holiday’s flues, my favourite aha;
  • church activities;
  • attend concerts;
  • you name it.

Not so strange anymore why we feel tired and drained, right?

Bird Haus
Inspirational quote at Bird Haus Zürich.

I do like to do all these things, and I do feel grateful for being able to afford some of the things we own, no doubt of that.
This does not take away the fact the Christmas takes a lot of energy because last month of the year is often filled with commitments, stress and guilt.
For me, the sense of guilt arrives on time when I:

  1. duly fail to visit all the people I would have liked to meet;
  2. get sick and my husband and mom have to do all the work!
  3. set unrealistic expectations and I never get to cook all the food I’d like.

Christmas does not have to be perfect, at. all, and perfection means other things that making the right presents or cooking all sort of meals.
Christmas should be all about celebrating the time and the joy that comes from being together with your loved ones.
So, find out how to scale back around the holiday season, trade chaos for calm and put your needs down on a list.

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Learn to nurture yourself before Christmas.
Practising self-love is the key to enjoy the festivity in good health, to take care of your mental and physical well-being.
Self-care before the holidays is the best opportunity to give yourself a mental reboot before Christmas.

I have prepared a 12 Days Self-Care Guide for you which will help you celebrate the festive time like a boss!
You will receive in your mailbox 12 daily ideas to guide you to fully enjoy this time
of the year.
Remember to always focus on the positive, on gratitude for the little things and on the small indulgences of life.

The 12 Days Self-Care – Learn to nurture yourself before Christmas comes with a few surprises too.
Together with some Zürich-based business and brands, I put together some giveaways you could win, to spoil you as you deserve.

In order to win these beautiful gifts, you will simply have to:
1. subscribe to the 12 Days Self-Care Guide;
2. follow mywandercoffee on IG, where I will post the giveaways
during the 12 Days Self-Care.

The guide will reach your mailbox starting from the 1st of December.

I hope you feel ready to start to take care of the most important person in your life: YOU.
Remember: you cannot pour from an empty cup.

xo, Chiara


ps Tired of the Lego Advent Calendar? Me too.
Go to La Mini Factory website and download her pretty advent calendar, that your children will easily cut out and build at home. You can also download the luxury version, with Italian rhymes, by Bonjour Giulia, which is cute as she is.

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