Hi! And welcome to My Wander Coffee!

My name is Chiara, I am originally from Verona (Italy) and so far I lived in Rome, Dublin. Now learning in Zürich the art of slow sipping.
Married to Mr. No, I am the mother to two little superheroes, Pietro & Bianca, who can raise your mood during the greyest days.
You can hire them anytime. (No, you can’t).

I thought about starting a blog for a long time and it took me months and many sleepless nights before grasping the real concept of being a mother and acknowledge the new situation: as an expat, stay-at-home mom, I would have always been there for my children, constantly, all the better if I started to do it with grace.

The time for MYSELF, as I knew it before, did not exist anymore so I tried to create new ways to enjoy OUR time, together with my kids.

I knew my life would have not changed anytime soon so I’ve walked out the door together with my assistant (daughter, B. – who always adds that crucial sparkle to every coffee I drink), and started wandering and searching for a good espresso, a chat and a story in some of the many stylish bars of Zürich, Switzerland.

Just so, I have embarked into this wandering tour for the same common reason of many other human beings: to get in contact with people, to communicate, exchange a smile, a word, sometimes that comforting feeling of being part of an awesome journey we’re all experiencing together.
And this kind of sensation…well, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

So, one day I took B’s little hand and put my shoes on:
I couldn’t help but wander.

After a few months I have star launched this blog, Bianca started her krippe (the daycare in Zürich) for a few mornings per week while I began my German classes. We both have been busy integrating and adapting and, although this is something it does not happen overnight – for sure it doesn’t when you have a family! – I reckon we are doing a pretty good joy (optimism rules).
I often find myself wondering what is home, I do have my moment of doubt and crises but I look up sustained by the love of my family and I am grateful to have the privilege of being healthy and to live in such a beautiful city that is Zürich.

about me

Before starting reading this blog and expecting technical information about coffee
or how to brew it.

Beware: I am Italian but I drink cappuccino also after 2 pm and I could go to pillory for that.
So, the reason why I began this adventure is more than a passion for caffeine:

  • I LOVE stylish and pretty bar where my eyes can get their share of taste too;
  • Wandering around, with no destination in mind, is a great way to bump into experiences that would never ever happen if you decided to stay in because you’re tired, not dressed well, overweight, annoyed…you get the picture.
    I am a mom too and have experienced all of the above but always came home with a good feeling in my heart after a good session of caffeinated strolling;
  • I love the idea of building up a community united around coffee, style and motherhood. During the past ten years, I have had the privilege of knowing different cultures and it is amazing how much one can learn and be inspired by diversity. I thought of sharing with YOU the crushes of my life together with the amazing people and adventures I have the good fortune to live.


Favourite coffee: Il Coloniale, Verona, Italy.
Preferred sandwich: tramezzino (something like a club sandwich, kind of).
Darling sound: silence and the sound of water.
Beloved song (currently): Kissing a fool, by George Michael.

Beach girl, slow living creature, a supporter of sustainability,
when it comes to food, fashion and all the things in life.
Wherever I have the chance, I love to pass time with my family and friends and put my phone down.

If you are interested in knowing more about me and this blog, please read the page I have written for you: The Art of Slow Sipping.

Thanks again for stopping by!

For enquiries, you can reach me at