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My name is Chiara Capuzzo, I live in Zurich and work as a consultant for social communication and content creator, for small brands, both local and foreign.

The first thing I am told about social media by my clients is quite often the same: “It is so stressful to find which photos to post and what to write!”

I smile and I think it’s true, if you don’t have a strategy in place!
Planning the social activities in an intentional and sustainable way is just what I teach during my consultations and workshops:

because the management of a social profile requires a voluntary and pondered action and not an extemporaneous search for last-minute content (which clearly does not lead to lasting results but only to counter-productive tensions);

’cause social media marketing, if thought in harmony with realistic goals (grow organically, slowly but steadily)
and in harmonious coexistence of energies and resources (without spending millions of hours and money),
it can be managed in a constant and successful way, without having to spend a life in front of your phone.

If you have a small brand, and you work with dedication and passion, you won’t need thousands of followers to succeed. You need an interested public and therefore involved. To do this, you need a sustainable pace of publication that will help you connect and exchange with your followers, in view of constant growth of contacts and sales.

I like working with small companies, with who are realising a dream starting from scratch, with who still have the desire to question themselves and put into practice sustainable growth mechanisms.

I see social media, Instagram in particular, as a place of honest, mutual and respectful interaction.
I am happy when I can facilitate a story-telling and bring out the soul of a brand.

Precisely because of the entertainment nature of Instagram, it is the “small” daily vicissitudes, including the difficulties encountered, that enrich communication between the brand and its audience and bring new users closer to a business.

For this reason, there is no one better than YOU to tell, in an authentic and personal way, the history of your brand.

I can help you in your search for a style, in the explanation of planning tools, in exploring your taste in images and in the investigation of your market in terms of hashtags and profiles relevant to your business. When we finish, you will feel more confident and ready to tell your story!

We can drink a virtual coffee together, or better yet meet in person, for one or more consultations in which I will be able to help you clarify small doubts about how Instagram works.

We talk, within a few days, I will prepare a document that serves as a starting point for your future work and set a date for a meeting or control call, to see how things are going.
Write to me to know if this service is the right one for you.

1 hour and a half of consulting in total: 150 francs.

You need to learn more about the Instagram world but you haven’t found anything that fits your needs or that is compatible with your commitments.

We can set a date together and I will be at your disposal for 4 hours to discuss editorial planning, what and how to photograph together and how to create effective Stories. We’ll take pictures together, see how to edit them and then create a harmonious feed.

We will also talk about finding the right accounts to follow for your profile, hashtags and how to manage communication with your followers and customers.

4 hours: 450 francs

I organise workshops for those who want to learn more about how to work on Instagram effectively and at a sustainable pace. Each event accommodates up to 6 people.

This is where you will learn how to structure your work on Instagram.
Starting from the contents, we will pass to the creation of a homogeneous feed to arrive at the analysis of the results. We will understand how to communicate in the Stories and how to find the right hashtags for you.

I will inform you of the dates of the workshops via my newsletter: if you are not yet registered, you can do it now.

I am available to organise ad hoc workshops for groups of two, three people: in this case, you can write me an email

Terms and conditions.
Up to 2 weeks before the date: 50% refund. 
In case of a subsequent cancellation, no refund is provided.

In both cases, a replacement participant can be requested.

Thank you!


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