Chutney apples

Apple chutney, cinnamon and yogurt

The recipe of the chutney is very simple, takes nothing and can be prepared the day before too so to minimize the hassle in the morning.

This is another Search-Your-Fridge breakfast.
Yes, because breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and yet, the most difficult: who does like to wake up and prepare it, especially when you are not the only one eating and the bunch is picky?
This is the reason why breakfast should be healthy, tasty but also easy and quick to serve.

Today I prepared an apple chutney, inspired by a recipe by the chef Giovanni Allegro and in collaboration with NaturaSi, together with greek yoghurt, a splash of almond cream, cinnamon and a sparkle of millet.

Healthy and easy breakfast based on seasonal fruits.


Apples are the queen of Fall, use them!

Apples are the queen of Autumn and easy sourceable from everywhere so a perfect fruit choice these days. Use them organic, whereas possible,  so to be able to eat the skin as well, without any problem.
The recipe of the chutney is very simple, takes nothing and can be prepared the day before too so to minimize the hassle in the morning.

Ingredients for 4 people:

2 apples
1 tsp oil (I used half)
2 tbs water (I used a bit more instead of using oil)
half cinnamon stick (you can use powder too)
1 teaspoon fresh ginger
half teaspoon turmeric (kurkuma)
half teaspoon anise
4 cloves
brown sugar to decorate

To be honest with you, I did not use anise and cloves, which is a pity but did not have at home (cloves is my only regret as its flavour is very intense), and I added no sugar on top: the result was still warm and delicious so go for it even if you don’t have all the ingredients with you.
You just need to cut the apples in small dices, pour the oil into the pot together with anise, cinnamon, cloves. Add the apples, cook for a few minutes, add the water when necessary, the turmeric and add the ginger at the end. That is all.

I filled my new bowl with the chutney, the greek yoghurt sweeten up with some almond cream, I put a spoon of applesauce – because I like it too much -, topped the chutney with some millet to enrich the texture. Ah yes, the last touch: a few almonds cut into sticks.

Apple sauce
Applesauce, some of you uses it?

Last but not the least, my cup of coffee, finally back on my table and into this gorgeous gift from a friend, by Oliver Bonas.

Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas at breakfast plus a little reminder from En Soie ❤︎

I decided to name this ‘recipe’ (although really, as I said, these are more ideas for healthy breakfasts as I am not an expert or a cook) after my daughter’s friend, Isabella, so to inspire her journey to a fresh and healthful way to start the day. Ciao piccola!

Curious to read your precious feedbacks.
Thanks, as always, for reading!

xo, Chiara

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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.


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