Bed is the new black: Gaststube Hotel Sonne

It is a very charming place, cosy and traditional, quiet and warm, perfect for this weather or snowy mornings in Winter.

I finished September with a nasty bug and spent a few days in bed. While I was able to read a book and look outside of the window in awe (leaves are performing the most amazing show these days), I have realised there is no other way for a mom to get some free time other than being sick.
Not a great news, I know, but if this happens to you too, and the worst is over, be ready to get the most of it.
And by that I mean savour all the good things in life, the tiniest (yes, they are the best, sadly we often realise that when we’re sick, eh?).

One day last week, sweet P had his after school day and I was not able to pick him up. Since we have guided him back and forth between home and school since August, AND WE LIVE IN ZÜRICH  (all the local moms will understand my feelings very well!), he felt ready to come home by himself and he did so without any problem, very proud indeed and with a huge smile on his face.

To celebrate this event, yesterday he and B enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate at the GastStube of Hotel Sonne.
Alone, by themselves.

• It is a very charming place, cosy and traditional, quiet and warm, perfect for this weather or snowy mornings in Winter •

sonne Stube

sonne Stube

The place has three main rooms and all of them are nicely adorned: one arranged for dinner, elegant and meticulously presented, and the other two, simple and still very distinctive in their typical Swiss traits.

I like going there every now and then because it is such a quiet place…the silence and the soft lights give me a sense of piece that is able to recharge my batteries for a very long time!

You can order the usual bar choices or opt for a drink after dinner, if the place is not fully booked: drinks selection is fairly good.

Hotel Sonne
Seestrasse 120
CH-8700 Küsnacht am Zürichsee
Tel.+41 44 512 53 00

Herbstferien are around the corner, enjoy this beautiful scenery around you and your inner five minutes of peace per day – without being sick, please!


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