Bovelli Bar

Bovelli abides.

As a mother, it bothers me a bit but she is so sure of her choice that I don't question her will and I abide by her decision. Like The Dude.

She comes with me everywhere I go and after a tough 18 months, where my feelings were really mixed and my days heavy, I can now say she is the light of my day and she really makes me a better person. Well, at least a more patient one.
Although she is very young, she is the master of (evil) obstinacy.
She knows what she wants, she is very capable of forming and selecting an intention and she reaches results in a judicious manner I truly admire.
She is so laser-focused and successful in what she does, knowing what counts and what not along the process, she makes me wonder whereas I should start myself being more careful and rational with my choices.

You surely have guessed I’ve been talking about Bianca by now who, yes, is only a toddler: behaviours won’t be controlled or not induced by methodological instincts BUT just watch at the results!
Would it be just possible for an adult to screen priorities better, with less sense of social obligation involved, to finally reach our daily dose of cosmic karma?
Toddler example: she does not want to be kissed.
She explains it, more or less politely, but still very clearly and firmly. As a mother, it bothers me a bit but she is so sure of her choice that I don’t question her will and I abide by her decision. Like The Dude. I believe that knowing what we like and what we don’t is an extremely important step we should all start thinking about more in depth.

Can you just imagine how much things we could avoid doing by simply being more honest with ourselves, and why not, with others, who by the way will surely survive to one of our NO or to another social duty, for instance?
Adult example: we do not want to go to an after-work drink organised by someone you don’t even like.
You say no, you save time, you save money, you don’t get bored, you are less stressed, much happier, more genuine.
Networking can wait for a fitter occasion.
Anyhow Bianca decided the guy at work was a Jack wagon.
Told you she knows her s*it 😉
This week we were off to Bovelli, a stylish coffee shop in the city center.
I really love this place and its beautifully hand-written wall, full of cocktail’s names and food delicacies.

Sihlstrasse 20-8001 Zürich
+41 044 210 40 60

Went there with dear A so the coffee tasted even better than ever!
Coffee is very good, waiter’s kind, the bar is spacious and the atmosphere relaxed.
It is located just besides Hiltl (which is my fav restaurant in town and the oldest vegetarian one on the globe) so a great espresso after a healthy lunch at the vegetarian restaurant is highly recommended!



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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.

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