Simple chewy chocolate cookies

Being balanced means also including out of balance deals because we know that our intentions in being healthy are genuine.

Mastering the art of balance is no picnic job but it also is essential to know where to stop demanding too much from ourselves and start to enjoy the freedom from certain rules: when it comes to food, these simple chewy chocolate cookies totally suit this philosophy.
In our family, we always try to eat properly, meaning: organic food, fresh and seasonal ingredients, no refined sugars, etcetera.
We hit the pause button when we’re at the table, we cook at home 95% of the time and don’t buy processed food, we generally fill our belly with healthy and nourishing meals.
This last effort is also a good way to avoid sugary treats because, if you feed properly with good food, you will be less likely to over-indulge with other things.

Of course, rules are there to be broken (if the Swiss are listening!!! hahaha I am joking).
We all need a break and we all deserve to enjoy the time with friends where everybody snacks on whatever they want, for example.
It is a moment of self-care for our body AND soul.
We do not have to feel guilty when we eat something which is not considered healthy by the thousands of information out there.
We do not have to overthink, or giving us hard times or denying ourselves food that will allow us to enjoy our life more!
Being balanced means also including out of balance deals in our lives, when we know that our intentions in being healthy are genuine.
And this, I believe, can be applied to anything else in life.

Flat lay cookies.
Fall flat lay.

I found these chewy chocolate cookies on Pick Up Limes some time ago and now that I’ve made them, I have bought three packages of coconut oil and 80% dark chocolate not to run the risk of remaining without ingredients to cook a batch of cookies. I only add some crushed nuts in the making, just because we love them.
The recipe is super easy and requires one bowl only so, ready to bake?

B cooking
B little cook.

100g coconut oil, not melted
140 g brown sugar
45 ml maple syrup
125ml plant-based milk
35g cocoa powder
15 ml pure vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
3 g baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
280 g flour (I used buckwheat and
150 g dark chocolate, chopped

I preheated the over to 180 C.
I creamed together the coconut oil and brown sugar in a bowl. Then added and combined the vanilla, maple syrup, plant milk and cocoa powder.
The added the baking powder, baking soda and salt and whisked again.

Then added the flour and combined all together, folded in the chopped chocolate.
I formed little balls out of the dough and distributed them onto a baking tray covered of baking paper. In they went for about 15 minutes.
I left them cool and then enjoyed them all in one afternoon, I confess.

chewy cookies
Chewy and soft cookies are ready.

The second batch of chewy chocolate cookies made the perfect breakfast on a Sunday morning: the coffee was dark and warm and sipped in relative peace so I can call it a success.
Please let me know if you liked them too and happy fall you all!
xo, Chiara

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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.

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