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Coffee and shoes

It won't be rude peeking while conversing because your friend will be doing the same. You'd be even.

No, I have not sipped coffee in a shoe, not yet.
However, I did find a place in Zürich where you can relax or chit-chat with your girlfriend while peeking at the prettiest shoes by designers from all over the world.
And it won’t be rude peeking while conversing because your friend will be doing the same.
You’d be even.

Fauchon Cafe
Fauchon Cafe

Fauchon, the French gourmet label, recently opened a small cafè on the second floor of Jelmoli, one of the most elegant department stores in the city of Zürich.
The chic bistro serves the pretties bakery creations and small snacks too: the sophisticated choice can be enjoyed with a classic coffee or with a glass of sparkling bubble.
For tea time enthusiasts, Fauchon also serves a traditional French refreshment in the afternoon, from Monday to Saturday.


Fauchon Cafe with my little pie
Fauchon Cafe with my little pie 
Fauchon espresso
Fauchon espresso

What I loved about this cafè is that overlooks beautiful women shoes of the latest designer collections: it’s a sip and awe situation.

You will find Prada, the maximalist of Marco de Vincenzo, the classic style of Sergio Rossi, the luxury details by Santoni. Just to name a few labels synonym of a great craftsmanship that lasts over time (and in the shoe cabinet). I do not like fast fashion, I can not even afford certain shoes if not on sale: however, for those who can, I also think that a certain shoe investment represents a better expense than the super-cheap and unsustainable options.

Fauchon overlooking the most fantastic shoes
Fauchon overlooking the most fantastic shoes

There is good news: the number of sustainable shoe brands is increasing and some of them you can find them in big department stores too.
TOMS is probably the name that pops up in your head first: they produce their shoes with sustainable and vegan materials and they are working to expand these offerings. Materials included in the production are natural hemp, organic cotton, and/or recycled polyester. Find all info here.
Ah, have you seen their Disney collections? ❤︎

Other brands are:

1. Veerah, a 100% cruelty-free and luxuriously crafted label founded by three smart women;
2. Italian luxury vegan shoes Nemanti, ethical and cruelty-free, they provide a bespoke service too;
3. Veja, for environmentally friendly sneakers lovers (who hasn’t a pair of sneakers these days?), made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.

Hope to have inspired some of your future sustainable shopping and, if you are the lucky gal shoe-shopping a nice brand, please send me a picture and I will be happy to repost!

xo, Chiara


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