Coffee date at Jules Verne

The view they have is outstanding, it offers a 360-degree sight of the city: you can glimpse the ETH, the soft blues of the lake...

On October the 1st, the coffee lovers of the world will celebrate the International Coffee Day, by consuming, as usual, tons of caffeine drank in the name of efficiency and promptness of action.

Well…I totally made these reasons up, at least this is def not me, as I drink my cup to unwind a bit and think about the clouds.

Coffee is second only to water in consumption and, even though according to a general mankind’s taste, we shouldn’t even like the bitterness of it (that is interesting) people keep pouring it in their cup every day, more than once per day.

The first reason why: coffee wakes you up. The beverage is like an instant potion that helps to lift low energies and this completely overweights whatever consideration regarding taste or way of consuming it.
Because coffee is associated with this immediate reaction of awakening, it is sometimes swelled and not enjoyed, devoured instead of appreciated.

I am Italian and yes, I do struggle to find a decent espresso away from Italy: nonetheless, I keep drinking mine at home and enjoy every sip of it.
I put my Moka on the stove when the kids have left, or when I simply have a moment of relative calm.
I do not drink it in a hurry unless I’m in Italy and I know the barista: 2 minutes chat at the counter are the best.
I always try to savour coffee and the break.
Drinking coffee for me is not a distracted action: I take the time for my ritual and always have, since the time of college.

Thanks to the recent ICD campaign “Women in Coffee”, I had the chance to think differently about the cup of coffee I sip.
I never really considered it before but women like me play a major role in the coffee supply chain: they plant the seed, they process the good, they brew it and, eventually, drink it.

Recent studies suggest that globally 25-35% of coffee farms are in fact headed by women, important roles as farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs.
Female coffee producers have lower yields and lower income than their male peers, as a result of less access to land ownership, credit, markets, technology, seeds, water, information and education and other services. Such constraints are often due to gender norms and cultural barriers (check ICO infographic here).

Paying a homage to those women, and to their right for equity and equality in the coffee field, has been the aim of ICD campaign for 2018.

Because empowering women is something very close to my heart, regardless of the sector (Stay-At-Home-Parents are included), I could not miss the opportunity to honour the people who grow and harvest the coffee I love.

Putting things in perspective from a height sometimes helps you have a better understanding of things so I thought that the best place to go with you this time was the Panorama Bar at Jules Verne, located on the rooftops of Zürich city.

Panorama bar
Panorama bar at Jules Verne, with wallpaper inspired to adventurous travels.


Have a seat ❤︎
Have a seat ❤︎


Jules Verne restaurant
The restaurant entrance and seats.

Hubby and I haven’t had a date since some time so we decided to visit the bar/restaurant for lunch.

Prosecco time at Jules Verne

The view they have is outstanding, it offers a 360-degree sight of the city: you can glimpse the ETH (the University in Zürich), the soft blues of the lake, the majestic mountains in the distance, the green hills all around and the calming Limmat River. You can spot the most beautiful terraces in the old city too.

zurich view
My Zürich from above.

We chose from a menu that offers quite some much, we took a salad with Italian dressing and Viande Menu which we truly enjoyed.

Lovely lunch I suspect from the brasserie downstairs?

I wasn’t expecting it but we had a very good espresso too!
I certainly have to re-assess some reviews on the map I’ve created some time ago and I will certainly write for Jules Verne a positive one!

Great espresso after lunch.

Note on the waiters: absolutely kind and nice guys who made us feel really welcomed. Yes, I know, it should always be like this but it is not. Thank you for the great service guys, we really appreciate it and will definitely be back.
With the kids, be prepared (kidding).

Take the stairs when you go down, aren’t they beautiful?

If you haven’t done it already, follow me on IG: on the Internationl Coffee Day, October the 1st, I invite you to post a picture of you using the tag #mywandercoffee and share your love for coffee with me and I will repost some of your pictures to share the love in our community.
Cannot wait to see your faces!

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading.
xo, Chiara

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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.

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