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Life of foreigners in Zürich - dreams, expectations, challenges, reality checks (my life, pretty much!).

Spring hasn’t really sprung here in Zürich and, with this weather going up and down, my neurons turn off and the hormones light up.

Back to the days, I loved rain (well I lived in Dublin, I had too) and the thought of staying under the blanket on a showery Sunday…AAAAAAHH it felt good.

With kids, another story. And I’m Italian so when my friends call me to ask if Bianca and me are going out to play and it’s pouring down, well, sorry guys, I won’t: it is against my genes 🙂

We got out at the exact moment when the sun appeared but wanted to stay close to home, and these were the faces. No chance to go far.

We headed to Pip Squeak, a lovely children books and toys store run by a kind woman who’s been living in der Schweiz since many years now.
The place is full of singular items, suitable for kids of all ages.

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak

Pip Squeak

I personally love it for two reasons:

1) Rachel, the owner, did an amazing job with the selection of English books.
You will find all sort of treasures here, from the popular classics to the beautiful niche illustration books of more recent authors.
2) And you can discover all this with a cup of good coffee in your hand. Perfect.

Curiously enough, that morning Raqhel and I got into a topic that’s very close to my heart: life of foreigners in Zürich – dreams, expectations, challenges, reality checks (my life, pretty much!).

As unique as an experience can be, certainly there are patterns and some kind of conceptual frameworks we could use when we move to another country and also when we have ‘settled’ there for a while (I mean, even when the fat is in the fire, there should be a way to better manage certain situations and improve the model we apply when making our decisions).

It is a fascinating subject and I’m keen to get back to it soon.

Pip Squeak
Dorfstrasse 13, 8700 Küsnacht – Switzerland
Tel. 0041 043 817 80 80

Would love to hear your experience too, drop me a line if you feel like it or you need a coffee too! (third night in a row with fever and cold here AUUUUU!!)


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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.

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