bircher muesli

Think easy, think Swiss: the Bircher Muesli

Considering you already have carbs covered -oats, proteins -milk, and fruits -apple!

Overnight oats are lately one of the most popular and Instagrammed breakfasts although the recipe is far from new and it has its origin right here in Switzerland. Dr. Bircher was born in Aarau, he was a nutritionist and came up with the idea of mixing oat and apples (raw, as he believed this way the food was more nutritious) in order to get people to eat more fruit while consuming the most important meal of the day.

Making Bircher Muesli is super easy, it is filling and very versatile: you can add whatever ingredient you like. Considering you already have carbs covered (oats), proteins (milk) and fruits (apple), you can confidently top it with some nuts or dried fruits so to sweeten it up without using any refined sugar (yes, you can use a bit of honey too).

bircher muesli details
Colours and season for this nutritious bowl.

I used the following recipe for 4 people:

2 tbsp of oak flakes (gluten-free if you need)
3 grated whole apples
1 handful of various red fruits
2 tbsp roughly chopped hazelnuts and almonds
0.4 dl of milk for the overnight soak and a splash of yogurt in the morning to make the muesli a bit creamier.

About the quantity of liquid: fist of all, remember you can totally use water or any type of milk you prefer. The result may also depend on the oats and on the milk you add in: you may want to consider little adjustments along the way to get it perfect for your taste.

I like apples to be a bit crunchy but you may want to grate them more finely.

If you forget to soak, soak the oats at least for 20 minutes in the morning so to soften them a bit (and enable the nutrients of grains to better absorbed by your body).

green white pumpkins
Jucker Farm has always the most beautiful pumpkins available!

Let me know if you started some of my recipes already and remember to stay simple and healthy, your body and mind will thank you big times.

Use the ingredients you can find in your fridge, don’t stress much with superfoods you never heard of (they are good indeed but gosh, we have amazing and sustainable products in this part of Europe, just use them) and remember to always include fruits or vegetables during breakfast: start little and then, I assure you, your palate will ask for more.

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Coffee this morning: hot and black, in a new cup from Søstrene Grene.
I am into ceramic cups and napkins and cannot wait to show you what I have in my hands since last week.

Enjoy the week!
xo, Chiara

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