Priscilla Du Preez

Do you happen sometimes to be stuck on a name or detail you cannot recall and the only way to remember that thing is to relax, maybe grab a cuppa and think about something else?
Magically, after a while, that name you were looking for comes up to your mind (of course, after a good dose of imprecations on the spot).

Well, this is exactly what happens to me when I look for new ideas and I come home after a refreshing chat with a friend. The vision/glimpse for a new article, photo or project ‘suddenly’ materialises .
It works for other occasions too, when I need to get out the house with the children because I am not sure I can bear more than a second more and just the presence of someone else saves the day! I know you can relate too.

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break!
Earl Wilson

It is the very idea of support and collaboration, sisterhood and inspiration that has encouraged me to get out there and to build more connections with like-minded people, regardless of where they were coming from in the world.
The cosiness of a small coffee gatherings fostered and nurtured authentic connections and strength the community.
It was all about sipping it slow.

I have started small organising coffee mornings and dinners for my lovely expats mothers living in my neighbourhood and now want to expand the concept of getting together to events designed to encourage women:

  • to listen to each other,
  • to open up to collaborations and opportunities,
  • and to offer a cosy networking platform for creating connections, both personal and professional.
  • I organise events called My Wander Kind: they are dedicated to small business owners, or Instagram enthusiasts, who would like to get in touch with other local realities and be encouraged to stay creative.

I believe in the power of small and authentic meetings, where people get together in the real world and have the chance to make an authentic improvement to their life and business.
How many time did you attend to big networking events and got at least ten business cards of people in your wallet and remember just two of them, when we’re talking optimistically?
My Wander Kind is intended for small groups of people so don’t be afraid or shy, you will not forget all names (easy, I’ll forget them for you) and you will be sipping it slow in one of the cool places in town.
So grab your cuppa and be ready to:

  • meet other small businesses in town,
  • connect with potential new friends, clients, employers,
  • listen to local speakers,
  • enhance your biz, or idea, through meaningful connections,
  • share experiences and support each other.

These gatherings are open to women and men.
In order to partecipare, you will need to register to the next event: I will communicate location and time to you via email.

I would love to meet you at the next event and help you create the genuine relationships and fruitful connections that will support you towards a positive, authentic and successful life.

The next event is planned for February the 4th, 2020.

I will get in touch with you soon with all details.
The max number of participants for this event is 20 people.

See you soon!