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The importance of friendship – 5 ways to meet up when busy.

Time has changed and it doesn’t really matter how you meet a new friend: what is valuable is the ultimate contribution of friendship on our well-being.

I am on a train to Como today, the sun is not shining, the rain is pouring and the forecast looks hopeless but honestly, it is ok because this weekend is all about celebrating the importance of friendship.
I will finally meet lots of the women behind Not Only Mama!
This is no ordinary friendship, not in the canonical sense at least. The women I will meet today, I have never met them before, although I write to them almost every day.
I have been introduced to this group around April 2018 and, since then, they have been:

  • a source of support,
  • a moment of laughter,
  • a well of ideas,
  • a whirl of motivation,
  • an ever ending exchange of point of views, altruism and kindness.

This last part has surprised me the most. I don’t believe benevolence has disappeared from the surface of the world but I do, sadly, recognise that unselfish generosity does not show up as much as it should be. These women have been happy to support and encourage each other with an altruistic unprecedented kindness for a group formed out of social media platforms.
I am also pleased that this new potential real-life friends made me rethink about the possibility of creating true relationships born behind a screen: this makes me feel very young too (score).

Time has changed, it doesn’t really matter how you meet a new friend: what is valuable is the ultimate contribution of friendship on our well-being.
Creating supportive relationships, which are able to provide moral, physical, emotional and/or social assistance, is a way to our happiness. Maybe even more when being an expat, friends protect us from feeling lonely or unprotected and play a huge part in our lives when they act with an open heart.
When far from home, the importance of friendships is even more significant because even our biological bond with our family members fails to exist.
Friends can be the best medicine: when you need a hug, the feeling of being understood, a caring listener, time in nature, a dose of laughter, a cake to eat all together!

manu flan
A perfect flan cooked with love by the best cook I know in Zürich, Zia Manu!

We are social animals: it is natural to reach out to others but it also important to remember that friendships need commitment, in terms of time and emotions.
Be there for your friends when they need you, be nice and altruist always. Let your inner circle of friends be part of your life and take pleasure in being there when they need you.
Friendship is not just one of life’s pleasure: joking around, catching up, doing your nails together*. Friendship is one of life’s necessities so invest in it, prioritise time with the people you care about.

Remember the time in your calendar? The time you never finds for you?
Well, this is a good way to start: schedule time together.
Remember the importance of friendship: here 5 ways to meet up with friends when you’re busy.

  1. Make It Easy to Happen
    You don’t have to plan something big, you have to plan something regular. Cup of coffee every week will do. This is what I love about coffees, perfect for friendships!
  2. When you have time to plan for a long evening or day, plan it and pay it. When it’s done and paid, it is harder to cancel, right?
  3. Everybody eats so plan to see your friend during your lunch break or at the groceries.
  4. Ask your friend to get lazy with you. See if they want to come over and watch tv, yes even with the kids. Ask to join in for a relaxed time together. We’re talking about friends, right?
  5. Call them. We may be far from our friends physically (which is a pain) but who don’t have a smartphone today, apart from my mom? aha Call them and make it a regular thing.
coffee with friends
A coffee with friends at Bovelli’s.

These are my survival ways to see my friends.
It does not resemble much the schedule I used to have back in the days but it is something: this is the present I have so I live it at the best of my possibility. This looks like a new mantra to me!

Good memories are great.
What’s the use of days if you do not remember them?
xo, Chiara

About the author
Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.


  1. E’ proprio come dici tu… non importa come si diventa amiche al giorno d’oggi, i confini spazio tempo non esistono più, il bello del digital e dei social! Spero ci incontreremo presto anche noi due però nella real life! Un abbaraccio

    1. Eh si, i tempi sono cambiati e a volte ci vuole tempo per vedere i lati positivi delle cose ‘nuove’ ma di sicuro questo dello stringere nuove (ed improbabili) amicizie, e’ sicuramente un vantaggio bellissimo dei social. Un abbraccio a te!

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