Making sense of Simplifying.

A kickoff of my twelve topics about how to simplify things in life.

If you have followed, or simply stumble on my IG feed, you would have noticed that my word for the new year 2019 is SIMPLIFY.

I really needed to find ways that could help my life run smoother and all ideas I jotted down led to cutting down the unnecessary. Making sense of the word simplifying was in order.
Starting from my wardrobe, moving to my daily schedule, passing through my relationships, online presence, travels and food,
I ended up thinking that the only way to move forward without ending up in the horizontal state (kidding) is to stress less and live simpler.

Owning stuff shoved into closets and rarely use them; spending too much time consuming and only a fifth of it creating; spending money filling up voids instead of life; always wanting more instead of appreciating what you already have.

Reduce my possessions is an exercise that I’ve done a few times which brought me a sense of liberation that may be hard to understand. You need to do it to get the feeling.
Getting rid of the things you don’t need makes you realise that the excess of possessions does not bring more happiness into our lives.
Most of the time, they just distract us from the things that really count.

fluffy flowers
Flowers will never be part of my reduction of possessions: love them!

So when, or if, we feel in need of more money, clothes, food, devices etc., and believe that what we own would increase our self-worth and lead to a happier life, think twice: our surplus of belongings is probably creating, or complicating, a situation.

Happiness cannot be defined in terms of possessions and chaos will clutter our space and mind. Although yes, when we were younger we felt like omnipotent creatures who could thrive amid the chaos of our things!

Am I a minimalist? No.
I live in a small apartment by the lake in Zürich, we have a small kitchen and only a bathroom. Overall, we don’t own much but sometimes I feel it’s already too much. Occasionally, I think I’m surrounded by wrong purchases too aha
Still, I strive to SIMPLIFY in a way that fits better the present season of my life.

Learn to simplify to make room for your friends. This is Reena, click on the image to check out her cooking classes in Zürich!

I put together twelve topics about how to simplify things in life. Every month, I will tackle a situation and offer some tips I am finding useful myself for simplifying without hassles.

January will be all about DECLUTTER. I have already started to organize my wardrobe and my husband’s comes next. I foresee problems already!

A tip till next week with the dedicated post?
Ask yourself: what do you want to bring with you into 2019?  
When we only focus on what we want to do and how we do it, we forget the why and we cling on a momentary satisfaction.

Simplify is not a sprint, I believe it is a matter of endurance and motivation so note your reasons down.
A few examples of my case: I need storage space, fewer things to take care of (wash, organise), I need to be quick when I leave the house and still wear appropriately and with a minimal aesthetic taste! And so on.
Just to name a few.

Another quick suggestion: go public and pull out the bullhorn this year! Sometimes our resolutions fail because we are not confident we’re going to make it.
So tell your friends about your plans: be nervous and vulnerable, even silly! like I’m feeling while I write this blog post. Ask someone to help you be accountable.

It’s going to be a great 2019, despite all the difficulties and the uncertainties of life. I hope you will follow along: I wish you an amazing year, whatever your resolutions are!

Before saying goodbye, I leave you a list of books I found interesting on the topic of simplifying, slow down and maybe be a little happier.

Till next week,

Washing dishes is good for you
Washing Dishes is good for you
by Department of the Mind

The thing you can see only when you slow down
The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down
by Haemin Sunim

The little book of Lykke
The Little Book of Lykke
by Meik Wiking

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