When I started this blog, I intended it as a diary: a place where to collect and share information about the coolest coffee spots in Zürich, a notebook in which I could tell a few stories about my life and my thoughts, about motherhood, style, and the expat life. Recipes too, occasionally.

These were the days when I had my youngest daughter with me all day long and a blog about coffee and fancy places – both things I love – seemed the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of work and writing into my motherhood life.

The blog turned out to be much more than just a diary to me: it transformed into my very own personal tool I used for the discovery of a slow-lived life.

I will be honest with you and, at the same time, I hope you will still like me after all:

  • I have never been a patient person;
  • always had the urge to do and say things;
  • a little over-complicated girl, high maintenance sometimes;
  • not really aware of the virtue of tolerance;
  • to waste time was almost offensive to me;
  • I tended to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ probably only by virtue of my impatience…
    oh well, you get the picture!

It took me 36 years to start learning the most important lesson of my life:
good things cannot be rushed.

That does not mean you have to go slow, not at all.

Slow living is not about ditch plans just to snuggle in bed (I know it looks like a dream sometimes but that is not THE point now aha), reading on the sofa, stay in your PJ, eat-relax-repeat and so on.
Slow living means taking consciousness of what feels meaningful to you
while trying to simplify your life.
Slow living is about quality: quality of time, of relationships, of purchases, and even of your work.
It is about taking the significant decisions that best match your life, for how it is organized at a specific time. We are all individuals who value things differently and all live phases in life – you may not be the same person you were five years ago or you may not lead the same life.
The principle remains the same though: by valuing your choices and by simplifying your existence, you will end up living with intention and purpose and, therefore, leading a happier life.

So when I was stuck at home with the children for months because of continuous but, thanks God, temporarily illnesses, and had just started the blog thing, I was sad because I had to give up what made me happy to do: even if only as a hobby, writing and taking pictures made me feel good.

And that’s how I approached a slow-lived life: when I had to decide whether or not to continue my blog, I started to accept where I was at that very moment of my life. Little and gradual revisions of my day helped me restore an inner balance and, day after day, I started to discover the joy of being present on fewer things but with more involvement and less stress.

This is why the blog has been closed for some time: because I purposely chose my priorities and learn to do it while being at peace with myself.

So I am mastering the Art of Sipping it Slow and, if you choose to get along, I hope to be able to pass you some of this richness I found, together with some other few things I would love to share with you.

If you live in Zürich or close by, please come and say hello at one of the next My Wander Kind events: I’d love to meet you there!

While you’re deciding what makes your life rich, remember that on this blog you will find:

  • the culture of coffee around the world (drop me a line if you would like to share your story);
  • wanderings and traveling guides;
  • stories and tips about being more mindful and how to enjoy a slower life;
  • cooking recipes and my coffee+breakfast project;
  • small community event programs for entrepreneurs mothers;
  • lifestyles, fashion and motherhood tips and news.

Hope you will enjoy my company.
xo, Chiara


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