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My breakfasts: story and guidelines.

Most of all, breakfast was an annoying moment of the day where I used to consume bad calories, not necessarily a lot, in the short time possible.

I have started my habit to rich and full-of-nutrients breakfasts in the spring of 2018.
Before it was just a quick coffee and croissant, biscuits, bread and jam, carbs and avo, the general refined sugars we all know.

Most of all, breakfast was an annoying moment of the day where I used to consume bad calories, not necessarily a lot, in the short time possible.
I basically preferred to sleep (who on earth doesn’t??!!).

I decided to consul with a biologist with a nutritionist diploma here in Zürich, Tatiana Gaudimonte, when I realized that, as little as I seemed to eat, I was not losing any weight, or only a little if I was close to fasting.
It was very frustrating: I gained 14 kilos with my second pregnancy and I wanted to trim down the 7-8 left in order to feel more at ease with myself, more energetic and physically less lethargic.

I also had a vague feeling of nausea in the morning, like I could not really start a day with the kids, sometimes I needed to lay down on my bed for a few minutes.

I booked an appointment with Tatiana in March: visiting a nutritionist was the best thing I could do for my health, not only for my weight.
No more nausea after three days I started the new lifestyle (it will never be a diet if you want to be serious) and I almost have achieved my goal of weight-loss, after 6 months.
Small but steady.

I will not dwell on my specific case here because everyone has a story, a different body, goal, medical history and so on.
I am NOT a dietician, a food expert, a nutritionist.
I have asked Tatiana to have a look on the recipes I post on the blog in order to be as much correct as possible with the ingredients I present – although I am not posting anything weird in general: only food everybody knows and tried a million times in life (sorry I have not tried the acai powder yet!).

The rules I am about to write…you have heard since you are a child.
It’s all about to remember them and practise them.

My rules for a healthy food regime:

  1. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper.
    “Regular breakfast consumption seems to increase satiety, reduce total energy intake, improve overall dietary quality, reduce blood lipid and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. On the other hand , eating meals in the evening generally has the opposite effects, all of which adversely affect body weight.” – from The Telegraph.
    I have lost 3 kilos only by following this rule.
    In each meal, I always include (sometimes apart from dinner) carbs, proteins and veggies/fruits. I just imagine to divide your plate in three parts.
  2. Chew slowly.
    The digestion starts in the mouth!
  3. Do exercise, at least 45 minutes three times per week.
    I am over 40 and I feel I need a bit more than that but this is personal.
    Also, I now enjoy a very rich breakfast so it may be I need more exercise in order to balance the calories intake.
  4. Eat quality foods
    and avoid sugars and refined and industrial products. Go ahead with wholemeal flour, buckwheat, varieties of spell, millet, sorghum: there is only the embarrassment of choice. Just get to know!
  5. Don’t count the calories.
    Eat well; follow the king-prince-pauper rule; listen to your body; exercise; love yourself.

The breakfast I suggest on this section are a choice of my fav.

I don’t change them everyday, I generally rotate three different ones during the week.
I wake up only 10-15 minutes before in order to prep them.
Most importantly to me, I eat breakfast together with my family and I take the time to enjoy them.

As you know, I love coffee and I do sip a cup while I prep the food.
It is more the smell of caffeine and the sound of the moka that is important to me, the Italian ritual!
Sometimes I do not drink it and I enjoy a smoothie instead so please go with the flow too.

Only a note about coffee, as kindly suggested by Tatiana: only for those with mineral deficiencies, caffeine can decrease its absorption and / or facilitate loss via the kidneys.

I hope you will enjoy my simple breakfast inspirations and that we’ll inspire each other with ideas and information during our time together.


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Hi, I’m Chiara, Italian mom living in Zürich and loving it. I like to write about coffee, how it is and how to pair it with, where to drink it and, the most important factor of all, with whom to enjoy it.

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