The privilege of being a woman today.

Women have made great progress in the last decades and many of us brought significant contributions in politics, art, technology. Still...

When I was a child I always watched at my mom like a woman neglecting joy and freedom and I (not so) secretly blamed my father for her loss of independence. I rarely looked at her like a mother of four children, one of which with a syndrome, with no so much help from relatives or nannies.
There were times when my parents fought, as every couple does, and I remember my mom slapping the door threaten my father she would have never come back. In these occasions, I prayed for my mother not to come back for real and not because I didn’t love her, I did it and I still do it with all my heart. I just wanted her to be free and capable of enjoying a night out with a friend or even go out more with her husband or spend some money on a beautiful dress she loved. Instead, she sacrificed for me, and us children, everything she could.

Mom and me, ages ago or just yesterday (as my memory recalls).

She did that with a smile on her face – but this is another story. The thing is, she always came back after those nostalgic fights with her husband, becauseshe, like her mother before her, did not have the privilege of freedom and she wanted her children to be able to know the taste of it. Women have made great progress in the last decades and many of us brought significant contributions in politics, art, technology. Still, the problem of gender inequality still persists almost everywhere around the globe. This is why I believe it is crucial to raise awareness of women’s full gender equality issue: the 8th of March has not to be considered ‘just’ a day or a blog post on the web. Since I have started to live an expat life, I have met so many strong, talented, capable women who are the undeniable pillar of a family and, sometimes, even the successful entrepreneurs of a business they grew just by themselves while taking care of all things in their life. To me, supporting women, talking with them, speaking up, has even become a sphere I got very much interested in.  Organising events for them, get inspired and share their visions to other women, it became a way of helping the change I want to see in my daughter’s life.
Start a conversation is the way I choose to celebrate Women’s Day in my life but there are other actions I want to focus on.
You don’t have to start networking or meeting to necessarily make a difference. You can simply take care of a woman in need and make the extra effort to assist her, whether she needs some housework or childcare for a day.
Back your close friend and make her life easier.
You don’t have anyone offering for some help? Try self-advocacy.
Get yourself ready to experiment this on Women’s Day! You can address your needs to your husband, your boss, your friends: fight for your rights and begin to exercise your voice!

Again, express gratitude and thank the women in your life.
It took me all my adulthood and I have got to be a mother before realising how much my mom did for me, I won’t miss the chance to FaceTime her to tell her so (downside of distances, preciousness of technology).

Tell a woman, a friend, your mother what she means to you and how much important she is or how much you enjoyed doing that thing with her (it could even be your boss!).
Whatever way you decide to celebrate the women in your life, just do it, don’t forget it.
So happy Women’s Day to you, to the future you, to your mother, to your predecessors.
To my Bianca and all the young girls in the world so that they won’t ever need to put their dreams aside.








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